Hunting The Evil Apostrophe


Dr. Kathy Koch, one of my clients :), posted a great blog post about strong willed children titled Speaking With Moms of Strong-Willed Children during Hearts At Home Conference. The problem is that “Moms” originally had a miscreant apostrophe in it and read “Mom’s.” Since I am the one that posted it for her (she of course wrote the article … Read More

RandyHunting The Evil Apostrophe

Diving Into A.R.T.


Art by Randy Thomas - Experiential Grace Through Multi-Creative Expression My friend David Hernandez came up with a cool acronym: A.R.T. and it stands for Art by Randy Thomas. Isn’t that cool? I think that is cool. David is a genius. He also made the above logo. Thanks David! Last week I posted a very short announcement about the relaunch of this website. That … Read More

RandyDiving Into A.R.T.

God Used a Drag Queen to Save My Life – Paying It Forward

This post is long but I personally consider it one of the most important posts I have ever written. I appreciate and thank you in advance for reading. I have used Mella’s stage name, real name, and picture with permission. Thank you Mella :)! — My first 19 years of life were kind of messed up. Let me explain. I … Read More

RandyGod Used a Drag Queen to Save My Life – Paying It Forward

Chasing Fred Through Tropical Storm Fay

blue square

Proverbs 16:9 (New International Version) 9 In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps. Back in 2008, I was on a sabbatical and doing some writing. I came to a particular topic that caused me to pause and pray. While I knew the angle I wanted to go for, I didn’t really know what … Read More

RandyChasing Fred Through Tropical Storm Fay