I’m A “No More Perfect Kids” Dude

So what’s a handsome single middle-aged dude with no children doing with a book like this? I’m rockin’ bloggin’ through it, that’s what! I will be bringing an important perspective (if I do say so myself) of how valuable this book is from a single person’s, and community, perspective. Starting on March 12th, and at least through April, I will … Read More

RandyI’m A “No More Perfect Kids” Dude

Kathyism #58 – “T.A.R.G.E.T.”

kathy 57

Kathyism #58 – “T.A.R.G.E.T.” Kathy writes: In today’s video, I take a few minutes to briefly summarize the last six videos where I presented things we can change so motivation increases. I spelled out an acronym that can help us remember what to think about when our children and students demonstrate apathy rather than the motivation and energy we hope … Read More

RandyKathyism #58 – “T.A.R.G.E.T.”

Kathyism #57 – “Increasing Motivation: Changing Time”


Making changes to the normal routine can often increase motivation. There can be a positive adrenaline rush. Even the initial stress some students may feel can motivate them. So, change up the time. This can include the time of day something is done, how you use a 50-minute class period, the length of assignments, how much time you spend on … Read More

RandyKathyism #57 – “Increasing Motivation: Changing Time”

Party Barge & Car Surfing In Daytona Beach (1986)

It was 1986. Somehow I ended up with a group of guys at school sanding down an old short school bus two of them (brothers) had gotten as a Spring Break present from their Dad. We gutted the thing, painted it black, and I painted, “Party Barge” on the sides. I also painted “Party Barge” on the little flip out … Read More

RandyParty Barge & Car Surfing In Daytona Beach (1986)