I Went Up For Prayer

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I don’t know if anyone can relate but … I don’t like going up for prayer when they do that whole “come up for prayer” at the end of the sermon thing. Pride? eh … maybe. Self-conscious? eh … probably. Self-sufficiency … totally. I can pray for myself thank-you-very-much. For whatever reasons, “going up for prayer” isn’t something I jump … Read More

RandyI Went Up For Prayer

Jesus Wants A Bride Not A Maid


Cross-posted on the Grace Church Website — Jesus Wants a Bride, Not a Maid Pastor Clark said something at church I have heard in various forms over the years but appreciated his direct and succinct way of putting it: Jesus did not die on the cross to make your life more complicated. … Jesus wants a Bride, not a maid. … Read More

RandyJesus Wants A Bride Not A Maid

Throwing Off False Shackles And Soar

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In 2005 when I was in counseling for PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) my counselor was not a Christian. How I ended up in his office is an amazing story that I can share another time but his expertise was in helping trauma victims.  And while he was not a Christian, he respected my faith and beliefs.  He allowed me … Read More

RandyThrowing Off False Shackles And Soar

Happy Valentine’s Day – From Your Single Friend

A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you, that you also love one another. By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another. John 13:34-35 NASB For the past few years, on Valentine’s Day, I have gone on an annual Cupid Hunt. … Read More

RandyHappy Valentine’s Day – From Your Single Friend

“Trinity” Comes Home – A Drawing With History

"Trinity" At Home

“Trinity” took me over 50 hours to draw and has always been one of my all time favorites. I sold it back around 2005 I think … maybe ’06 or ’07. I may not remember the date but I remember the lady who bought it and that “moment” clearly. I was happy to have sold it but sad to see … Read More

Randy“Trinity” Comes Home – A Drawing With History

“Stuff I Dream Of In Church” The Beatitudes – (Drawing)

5×8″ drawing on Moleskin Artist Journal paper.

I actually finished drawing this on 12/5/2010! It is 5×8″ pen and ink on Moleskin artists journal paper. On the back I wrote, “Stuff I Dream In Church – The Beatitudes.” I did that because I only worked on this at church. Pastor Clark was teaching through the Beatitudes when I finished it. Yes, I was drawing in church. Not … Read More

Randy“Stuff I Dream Of In Church” The Beatitudes – (Drawing)

Flight Of The Bar Fly (1991) – Part 5 of 5 – The Bar Fly Becomes a Saint


After joining the 12 step program, about 18 months later I was flying high (figuratively.) I was working in downtown Dallas, making more money than I ever had. I was caught up on my bills and well on my way to making amends for the various legal problems I had in Tennessee and New York. I was making amends with … Read More

RandyFlight Of The Bar Fly (1991) – Part 5 of 5 – The Bar Fly Becomes a Saint

Party Barge & Car Surfing In Daytona Beach (1986)

It was 1986. Somehow I ended up with a group of guys at school sanding down an old short school bus two of them (brothers) had gotten as a Spring Break present from their Dad. We gutted the thing, painted it black, and I painted, “Party Barge” on the sides. I also painted “Party Barge” on the little flip out … Read More

RandyParty Barge & Car Surfing In Daytona Beach (1986)

Sweet Sallie Mae


This Christmas season I have traveled into strange and unfamiliar territory … baking! Jim sent along a recipe for what I am now calling my “Whiskey Chocolate Pecan Pie.”  I have baked it twice so far and it was a hit at the last party I attended! Now this might sound strange but it is true; as I was pouring … Read More

RandySweet Sallie Mae

Confronting An East Texas Goliath

We pulled up to a one room east Texas Baptist church. We, three of us, were in my friends Honda Accord. As we parked, I saw a bunch of good ‘ol boys draped all over a beat up Ford truck in front of the smallest church ever. They stared stoically as we pulled up, and I said before getting out … Read More

RandyConfronting An East Texas Goliath