Remembering Fred Phelps


I met Fred Phelps in 1999. I was invited by a gay spiritual group (they shied away from identifying as Christian) to be a part of their delegation to meet with Jerry Falwell in Lynchburg VA. However, when I wouldn’t take their multi-point vow, they literally kicked me to the curb… Seriously, I was standing outside on the curb…. And … Read More

RandyRemembering Fred Phelps

Of Grace & Beauty – The Birth of Digital A.R.T.

grace beuty

Yesterday I posted this digital derivative of my 2013 Christmas card to Instagram (which then posts it to both my public Facebook page and private Facebook profile) with the note: Here… I thought you might need a little splash of #color in your feeds. #art #abstract It receive a ton of response and was even shared a few times. I did that on … Read More

RandyOf Grace & Beauty – The Birth of Digital A.R.T.

Jesus Wants A Bride Not A Maid


Cross-posted on the Grace Church Website — Jesus Wants a Bride, Not a Maid Pastor Clark said something at church I have heard in various forms over the years but appreciated his direct and succinct way of putting it: Jesus did not die on the cross to make your life more complicated. … Jesus wants a Bride, not a maid. … Read More

RandyJesus Wants A Bride Not A Maid

Throwing Off False Shackles And Soar

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In 2005 when I was in counseling for PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) my counselor was not a Christian. How I ended up in his office is an amazing story that I can share another time but his expertise was in helping trauma victims.  And while he was not a Christian, he respected my faith and beliefs.  He allowed me … Read More

RandyThrowing Off False Shackles And Soar

“Stuff I Dream Of In Church” The Beatitudes – (Drawing)

5×8″ drawing on Moleskin Artist Journal paper.

I actually finished drawing this on 12/5/2010! It is 5×8″ pen and ink on Moleskin artists journal paper. On the back I wrote, “Stuff I Dream In Church – The Beatitudes.” I did that because I only worked on this at church. Pastor Clark was teaching through the Beatitudes when I finished it. Yes, I was drawing in church. Not … Read More

Randy“Stuff I Dream Of In Church” The Beatitudes – (Drawing)

Flight Of The Bar Fly (1991) – Part 5 of 5 – The Bar Fly Becomes a Saint


After joining the 12 step program, about 18 months later I was flying high (figuratively.) I was working in downtown Dallas, making more money than I ever had. I was caught up on my bills and well on my way to making amends for the various legal problems I had in Tennessee and New York. I was making amends with … Read More

RandyFlight Of The Bar Fly (1991) – Part 5 of 5 – The Bar Fly Becomes a Saint

God’s Grace and Gay Men

Is it possible that Jesus goes places that the Church is sometimes afraid to? AIDS as a social issue has been used to scare some people and stigmatize others. Over the past 20-plus years there have been valiant efforts to humanize the AIDS issue with regard to African American community, drug abusers and orphans in Uganda. The thing is, when … Read More

RandyGod’s Grace and Gay Men

Random Act of Grace: Coronas Cigar Bar

Last Friday night I had to get out of the house. I love being around people. Now that I work from home, I can get stir crazy after a while. My other friends weren’t able to go so I took myself out to Coronas Cigar Bar here in Lake Mary. The moment I sat down at a table outside, Mark (not … Read More

RandyRandom Act of Grace: Coronas Cigar Bar

Do You Think Homosexual Sexual Behavior Is Sinful?

After my apology to the gay community, many people have asked, “Do you think homosexual sexual behavior is sinful?” In times past when people have asked that question I thought the best way to honor them (and the question) was to simply respond succinctly and clearly. I still believe that to be true but what I found is that if I don’t take … Read More

RandyDo You Think Homosexual Sexual Behavior Is Sinful?