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Thank you very much for your purchase! I am very grateful and would love to get to know you better (especially if I haven’t met you already.) Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions … or … just want to chat :).  If interested, I also have an email newsletter (free) that you can sign up … Read More

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Responding To The Tragic Passing of Philip Seymour Hoffman


There are a lot of articles out there that start with some variation of, “When I learned of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death I …” which is then followed up with a variation of, “and then when I found out how he died, my heart broke.” Of course I can only say ditto. I loved Mr. Hoffman’s work as an actor. … Read More

RandyResponding To The Tragic Passing of Philip Seymour Hoffman

Diving Into A.R.T.


Art by Randy Thomas - Experiential Grace Through Multi-Creative Expression My friend David Hernandez came up with a cool acronym: A.R.T. and it stands for Art by Randy Thomas. Isn’t that cool? I think that is cool. David is a genius. He also made the above logo. Thanks David! Last week I posted a very short announcement about the relaunch of this website. That … Read More

RandyDiving Into A.R.T.


I was desperate and accepted a job as a telemarketer. That is where I met Amira. Amira and I immediately connected as kindred spirits. She invited me to go dancing one night and I was mentally registering that we would probably go to a gay bar or some cool “anything goes” bar, have some drinks and dance the night away. The next day however, that dream got dashed.

“Randy, I am looking forward to go dancing with you. I think you will like my friends.” I responded, “I am looking forward to it too. It will be great to get out, meet people and unwind.”