Kathyism #57 – “Increasing Motivation: Changing Time”


Making changes to the normal routine can often increase motivation. There can be a positive adrenaline rush. Even the initial stress some students may feel can motivate them. So, change up the time. This can include the time of day something is done, how you use a 50-minute class period, the length of assignments, how much time you spend on topics, and more. Listen for details. As always, we hope this is helpful and that you’ll share it if it is.

I share these videos because I love Dr. Kathy as a friend and support her efforts. I also love the teachers and parents who regularly visit my site. I believe these instructive videos will genuinely help you. Plus, I edit and produce the videos as well. Of course any questions and feedback would be welcomed.

RandyKathyism #57 – “Increasing Motivation: Changing Time”

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