Dear Devil’s Advocate


He doesn’t like you … he really really doesn’t like you.

Dear Devil’s Advocate,

I know you like to be the contrarian from time to time. It supposedly helps round out the debate and all … but if you find yourself saying, “I am going to be the Devil’s Advocate here …”

NO! no no no … just … no.

Don’t ever advocate for the devil… he is a pain in the arse and doesn’t return the favor.¬†While you are doing analytical/rhetorical work in his name, he is drawing a terrible looking mustache and a dunce cap on your yearbook photo … and then setting it on fire … while laughing a devilish, “I hate all humans” laugh. Why? Because he is the devil, he hates you, wants to defame your image, and set you on fire.

Just say no to devil advocacy. Stop it. You can make your points another way…like graciously and stuff.

That is all. You are welcome.

Love and hugs,


Note: I did not draw the little imp above, I got it at

RandyDear Devil’s Advocate

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