World Vision Reverses Decision

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Richard Stearns announced that World Vision has reversed its decision to allow gay married people employment at World Vision (WV). I supported their initial decision. I didn’t see this decision to hire gay people as anything other than an in-house hiring policy. I also liked the idea of gay Christians helping this amazing organization feed starving children around the world. … Read More

RandyWorld Vision Reverses Decision

World Vision’s New Policy Causes Uproar


I posted this on my personal Facebook profile this morning: Post by Randy Thomas. Yeah… I was a bit miffed. When one is miffed that may not be the best time to actually post a status updates but… there it is. I wanted to embed the update here, so you could get a gist of the conversation and click through … Read More

RandyWorld Vision’s New Policy Causes Uproar

I Went Up For Prayer

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I don’t know if anyone can relate but … I don’t like going up for prayer when they do that whole “come up for prayer” at the end of the sermon thing. Pride? eh … maybe. Self-conscious? eh … probably. Self-sufficiency … totally. I can pray for myself thank-you-very-much. For whatever reasons, “going up for prayer” isn’t something I jump … Read More

RandyI Went Up For Prayer

Remembering Fred Phelps


I met Fred Phelps in 1999. I was invited by a gay spiritual group (they shied away from identifying as Christian) to be a part of their delegation to meet with Jerry Falwell in Lynchburg VA. However, when I wouldn’t take their multi-point vow, they literally kicked me to the curb… Seriously, I was standing outside on the curb…. And … Read More

RandyRemembering Fred Phelps

Embrace The Imperfect Student – A “No More Perfect Kids” Reflection (Cross-posted)


Here is the full text of my guest blog post on Dr. Kathy’s blog last week. I am so honored to be guest blogging over there! — I am honored to be blogging here today! Lately, I have been reading No More Perfect Kids by Dr. Kathy Koch and Jill Savage. The story below tumbled out and onto the screen … Read More

RandyEmbrace The Imperfect Student – A “No More Perfect Kids” Reflection (Cross-posted)

Honoring Mrs. Pierson – My Guest Post On DrKathyKoch.Com


Today I wrote a guest blog post for Dr. Kathy Koch titled, “Embrace The Imperfect Student – A “No More Perfect Kids” Reflection.” I was honored by Dr. Kathy for the opportunity to honor one of my favorite teachers, Mrs. Pierson! A quote from my post: The one thing that kept me from losing heart, and giving up, in the … Read More

RandyHonoring Mrs. Pierson – My Guest Post On DrKathyKoch.Com

I’m A “No More Perfect Kids” Dude

So what’s a handsome single middle-aged dude with no children doing with a book like this? I’m rockin’ bloggin’ through it, that’s what! I will be bringing an important perspective (if I do say so myself) of how valuable this book is from a single person’s, and community, perspective. Starting on March 12th, and at least through April, I will … Read More

RandyI’m A “No More Perfect Kids” Dude

I See You

"Emerging Face #1"

“I See You” was originally written on Facebook. I wanted to post it here too. Post by Randy Thomas.

RandyI See You

Uncle Boochie


Uncle Boochie was a police man.  I would stare at the picture of him on the mantle above the gas heater. The pictured showed him in his uniform and I would marvel that I was actually related to him.  He was my Mother’s Uncle.  My Great-Uncle.  He was married to Aunt Ruby and they lived with my Great Granny Sallie … Read More

RandyUncle Boochie