Instagram Photo of The Week – Lisa Ling


Yeah… I met Lisa Ling. This photo was taken 38 months ago! I was pushing 270 lbs back then :). Oh the point of this post :)… I really liked Lisa Ling. She was very kind, professional, and funny. She was interviewing my friend Alan Chambers.

RandyInstagram Photo of The Week – Lisa Ling

World Vision Reverses Decision

world vision

Richard Stearns announced that World Vision has reversed its decision to allow gay married people employment at World Vision (WV). I supported their initial decision. I didn’t see this decision to hire gay people as anything other than an in-house hiring policy. I also liked the idea of gay Christians helping this amazing organization feed starving children around the world. … Read More

RandyWorld Vision Reverses Decision

World Vision’s New Policy Causes Uproar


I posted this on my personal Facebook profile this morning: Post by Randy Thomas. Yeah… I was a bit miffed. When one is miffed that may not be the best time to actually post a status updates but… there it is. I wanted to embed the update here, so you could get a gist of the conversation and click through … Read More

RandyWorld Vision’s New Policy Causes Uproar

I Went Up For Prayer

gold abstract

I don’t know if anyone can relate but … I don’t like going up for prayer when they do that whole “come up for prayer” at the end of the sermon thing. Pride? eh … maybe. Self-conscious? eh … probably. Self-sufficiency … totally. I can pray for myself thank-you-very-much. For whatever reasons, “going up for prayer” isn’t something I jump … Read More

RandyI Went Up For Prayer

Remembering Fred Phelps


I met Fred Phelps in 1999. I was invited by a gay spiritual group (they shied away from identifying as Christian) to be a part of their delegation to meet with Jerry Falwell in Lynchburg VA. However, when I wouldn’t take their multi-point vow, they literally kicked me to the curb… Seriously, I was standing outside on the curb…. And … Read More

RandyRemembering Fred Phelps

Embrace The Imperfect Student – A “No More Perfect Kids” Reflection (Cross-posted)


Here is the full text of my guest blog post on Dr. Kathy’s blog last week. I am so honored to be guest blogging over there! — I am honored to be blogging here today! Lately, I have been reading No More Perfect Kids by Dr. Kathy Koch and Jill Savage. The story below tumbled out and onto the screen … Read More

RandyEmbrace The Imperfect Student – A “No More Perfect Kids” Reflection (Cross-posted)

“Tree Of Life #1″ Cards & Prints Now Available For Purchase

tol collage

I am very excited to announce my first set of cards and prints are now available for purchase! The design is called “Tree Of Life #1″ and the theme that came to mind while drawing it came from … Out of the ground the Lord God caused to grow every tree that is pleasing to the sight and good for … Read More

Randy“Tree Of Life #1″ Cards & Prints Now Available For Purchase

March “Card Of The Month” Is Ready To Go!


First of all, thanks to all of you who have financially supported my artistic and online efforts. Also, a special thanks to those of you who have signed up for automatic recurring monthly payments. I am incredibly grateful for your support and friendship. I started the “Card Of The Month” project as a way to say thanks to current supporters … Read More

RandyMarch “Card Of The Month” Is Ready To Go!