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Art by Randy Thomas - Experiential Grace Through Multi-Creative Expression

My friend David Hernandez came up with a cool acronym: A.R.T. and it stands for Art by Randy Thomas. Isn’t that cool? I think that is cool. David is a genius. He also made the above logo. Thanks David!

Last week I posted a very short announcement about the relaunch of this website. That may have been a little pre-mature because I wasn’t thrilled with the “look” of the website at that time. I also was still working it (especially the purpose) out in my head.  However, today, I am clear on the direction. I am ready to get back to regular blogging and adding more content to this website.

The Parallax Pro Theme (Studiopress)

I was SUPER busy yesterday for a few reasons; one because I was installing this theme. I had tried TWO very similar themes the past two weeks and they were horrible to set up (yes I got refunds.) However, Studiopress has made this one actually usable and easy to understand (on the administrative side.) It helps that it is gorgeous too (in my opinion :)).

I loved that other website theme (installed when I made that first post). For this website however, it competed with the artwork/content. I wanted something that had a “mobile first” mindset (designed to be incredibly readable on mobile devices), as well as the new Parallax style that seems to be what many artists are moving toward  (the homepage has a parallax effect). I just love this website design now :).

I have a current project for a client where I am doing online research of up-and-coming talent across all kinds of creative arts and sports. All of them, with an artistic eye and online presence, have gone toward this type of design. Normally I don’t just follow the crowd like this but the beauty AND functionality of the design pleases me on all kinds of levels. I hope you agree. If you would like to get the theme to customize for your own website or blog: go here.

Where will RandyThomas.Co … go?

For now it will stay where it is. I won’t be posting anything new there because I want to focus on building up this website. However, it has some very important (to me and a few others) posts on it that shouldn’t simply disappear. It still gets a good amount of traffic and I want people to have access to those posts. Until I can build the bridge from those posts to their reposts here they will stay as they are. Eventually I will move the memoir posts, posts concerning sexuality/identity, and some of the cultural musings over here.  That’s a huge project and I want to do it right. In other words, I won’t be adding content there but it isn’t going to simply disappear. It will eventually find its home here as well.


The purpose is to have my new online home emphasize the arts. Mine and others.  I will still “blog” because I believe writing and sharing one’s life to be a creative expression. Living life is the ultimate creative expression regardless of your station. RandyThomas.Co served its purpose, and will continue to do so as this website builds up.

I have no doubt all of my interests will end up being blogged about here. Those who support my online efforts … that’s all the same, just under a new website. I am simply building this website because it is a refreshing, joyful, and an inspiring new season. It’s great to have the artistic emphasis!

Ok… that’s it for this post but if you have *any* feedback, please leave a comment/question below or contact me privately. Thanks!

RandyDiving Into A.R.T.

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